There are a variety of options for bonding metal to plastics. This is the case for both metal-only hybrid structures and for structures where metal components are complemented with plastics/composites. However, both plastic to metal joining methods are used for very specific and different reasons. However, this requires hole drilling, which can be expensive. In plastic to metal joining applications, advanced epoxy, silicone, cyanoacrylate and UV cure adhesive systems are easy to apply, have convenient cure schedules and offer high performance in difficult environments. Attaching flexible plastic LED strips to coated aluminum frames in light fixtures. Lightweighting is the number one topic in the automotive industry today, as OEMs scramble to lower emissions and improve fuel economy. DESIGNING FOR ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY 1 Thousands of parts are joined together in each automobile, such as the Plastic/ Metal Hybrid Grill Opening Reinforcement in this Ford Focus. Two-component structural acrylics like TA4610 mentioned above are one option. There are metal adhesives that bond some plastics and plastic adhesives that bond some metals. Two-component structural acrylics like TA4610 mentioned above are one option. Contact us by phone or send your application details to us and we will review and respond. We have developed an innovative rapid laser direct joining process of metal and plastic lap plates without adhesives or glues. Heat staking plastic or swaging both result in a tight and reliable mating of plastic and a component. However when joining plastic parts to metal parts, options are few. ... One of the most popular methods for joining two plastic pieces is using hooks. Riveting is often the technique used in heavy sections as well such as boilers, bridges, tankers etc. One option is to use union adapters. Manufacturers of planes, trains, automobiles, trucks and tractors are hungry for new materials that improve efficiency and reduce weight. Mechanical Fastening.Originally used for metal-to-metal joining, mechanical fastening is now used for metal-to-plastic joining too. Several joining techniques are commonly used for hybrid joints between metal and polymer workpieces. The plastic I would like to use is Polycarbonate, which will melt if you try to solder metal to it. Joining plastics to metals often involves mechanical fasteners, such as rivets or bolts. BASF reports that about 1100 lb of force are needed to press a 5-mm-diam. For selection purposes, the best place to start is generally the type of plastic you need to bond. Metal collar forming is a two-step process using standard metal-shaping tools to punch holes in the sheet and draw and shape these into collars with undercuts to enhance joining strength. joining plastic gutter to cast iron. Lightweighting is the number one topic in the automotive industry today, as OEMs scramble to lower emissions and improve fuel economy. Every type of metal and plastic expands and contracts with temperature change at different rates. The rubber washer should flex enough to keep the connection sealed. Rivets are used to form solid, strong and permanent bonds. Staking is the best option for things like medical devices, LED tail lights, automotive infotainment centers and other consumer electronics. To be able to thread plastic and metal fittings together the male fitting has to be plastic and the female fitting has to be metal. Another is a surface activated MMA such as TA4246. The samples of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic to AISI 304 stainless steel produced with the laser beam are shown in FIGURE 2. Some alloys need treatments like abrasion and cleaning for better bonding. Review your application with a technical specialist to determine the best fit. Lightweight construction is a central technology in today’s industrial production. However, it comes with limitations, such as increased compo-nent weight and evolution of stresses around fas-tener holes, which induce strength degradation and eventually create corrosion related problems [19]. In the tensile shear t… Plastic sheeting is notoriously hard to join - tape is messy and glue won't stick. Plastic or composite parts are typically joined to metal plates or structural components with either adhesives or fasteners. Americas +1 732-868-1372Europe +44 (0)1962 711661Asia-Pacific +86 21 5773 4913. There are metal adhesives and plastic adhesives but what to do when you want to bond plastic to metal? If it rolls, floats or flies, light weight is always good.

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