Download. There will be 16 colors moving over to the Model Master Acrylic line from Polly Scale. Enamel is the most popular of the 8 testors hobby and model paint categories, then Acrylic, and Marker. Get in touch by filling out this form. We use color information for over 2000 paints obtained directly from manufacturer's websites, so although representing paint color on a computer/mobile screen is far from perfect, it really is the best we can do. Refer to this "How-to" on how to use these tables.If you are looking for the old conversion chart table, refer to this link. Download. Details. Home What's New Features & Reviews Model Kit Top Gun Subject & Color Refs Search About Us. Celebrating 21 years of hobby news and reviews. Revell Paint Conversion Chart DISTRIBUTED BY Gaugemaster Controls Ltd, Gaugemaster House, Ford Road, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0BN, United Kingdom TEL: 01903 884321 FAX: 01903 884377 EMAIL: sales@gaugemaster.co.uk WEB: www.gaugemaster.com Internet Hobbies will strive to complete your paint order as fully as possible. Jan 17, 2020 - Humbrol Tamiya Paint Conversion Chart Model Master Paints Chart Humbrol Acrylic Paint Conversion Chart Testors Enamel Paint Chart Enamel Paint … The Testors Model Master brand especially. ... Model Master Semi-Gloss Black FS27038 1/2 oz. All rights reserved. This is the core modelers brand of choice, offering the most complete system of modern and historical paint colors and accessories available today. We are really keen to hear your feedback, ideas for improvements, bug reports, or anything else you'd like to say! SALE. AMMO MiG Acrylic Colors Conversion Chart 2019. © 2020 ModelShade. Humbrol Paint Chart (Part 2) Hot. WW II German Panzer - (Bottle 1/2 oz.) CIE94 is an algorithm devised by the International Commission on Illumination as a way to judge difference in perceived color. This is the Model Master 1/2oz (14.7ml) Flat Aged Concrete Acrylic Paint from Testors. Online realtime model paint conversion Find the model paint you want in the range you want. Humbrol Paint Chart (Part 1) Hot. The first figure can be 1,2 or 3 and indicates the level of sheen: 1 = gloss; 2 = semigloss; 3 = matt; For simplicity, all colours in this chart are referred to as matt (begin with 3). Paint Brushes. Cybermodeler Online. Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint. Click here to find Paint Conversion charts for Reaper Master model paints. Italeri Acrylicpaint Color Conversion Chart Italeri Federal Standard Screw cap with clip opening and dosing system Ideal for colouring with brush and airbrush Available in 20 cc/ml bottles unless otherwise noted No waste and dropper will not clog; easy and fast to mix. Model Master FS Paint Chart Hot. Enamel. Humbrol Paint Converter application for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1, http://www.humbrol.com/_assets/files/Humbrol-Wall-Chart.pdf, http://downloads.hobbico.com/misc/rmx/TES_Revell_Paint_Match_Guide.pdf, https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/hobby-color-charts/, http://www.italeri.com/ItaleriAcrylicPaint-Conversion-Chart.pdf, http://taleofpainters.blogspot.bg/2012/03/official-paint-conversion-chart-for-new.html, http://www.paint4models.com/paintchart/paintconversionchart20100101d.htm#, https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/urbans-color-reference-charts-part-i/, http://www.ipmsnymburk.com/tamiya%20mixing/FSTamiya.pdf, http://rivetcounter.txc.net.au/Tutorial/Alteration_Pages/49Appendix.html, http://www.miniatures.de/colour-federal-standard-color.html, http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/paint_conversion.php/manufacturers_id/12/page/1, http://www.models2u.co.uk/downloads/PaintChart-RtoH.PDF, http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/pmodels/mmhtm.html, http://web.archive.org/web/20081223121956/http://www.aoou52.dsl.pipex.com/Models/humbrol-standards.htm, http://www.planete-auto.fr/english/gunze-color-chart.asp, http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart, Humbrol Paint Converter for Windows 10, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Quickly. Testors Model Master Acrylic Paints. Panzer Schwarzgrau RAL 7021 (F) 2094 2094 Panzer Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 ‘43 (F) 2095 2095 Schokoladenbraun RAL 8017 ‘43 (F) 2096 2096 Panzer Olivgrun ‘43 (F) 2097 2097 Africa Khakibraun RAL 7008 ‘41(F) 2098 2098 Africa Grunbraun RAL8000 (F) 2099 This website has model paint conversation charts for paints from different model hobby paints manufacturers for … Testors # tes4700. Here is the ultimate painting matrix, comparing the games workshop Citadel paints with every known equivalent. spray cans One Coat Lacquers 3 oz. Convert to and from Tamiya, Humbrol, Mig, Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Model Air, MrHobby, AK Interactive and Testors It lists the 3 most popular brands found in local stores. Floquil Paint to Military Color Conversion Chart V1.2. All these charts use Humbrol paints as the bench-mark, so if you want to convert from Heller to Vallejo then you'll have to go via Humbrol. Sprays Primers, Top Coats, Thinners, & Cleaners 3 products found in Color Charts. Marker. Sets. 22% Off. MegaHobby.com stocks the complete Model Master Acrylic and Enamel Paint for Plastic Model Kits. Follow these 5 steps to get water slide decals on your model with ease. Model Master manufactures also a range of authentic colors under the name Model Master II Enamels For Military Models & Figures. All rights reserved. Details. Military model paints by famous companies such as Testors and Tamiya are popular. colour matches for matt colours apply also to semi-gloss or gloss colours - just replace the leading digit with 2 or 1, respectively. Not just from past wars, all the way to WWI, but paint colors include modern military vehicles as well. Mon, 2013-06-03 20:54 — shoofly. Model Master Enamel Paint Chart … Welcome to ModelShade, the most comprehensive conversion tool for model paint colors, We've refreshed the look of the results page thanks to some great feedback from users that the previous one was difficult to read. ITALERI CONVERSION COLOUR CHART: ITALERI ACRYLIC PAINT 20ml: COLOUR: Réf. Third party logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Humbrol conversions to other paint manufacturers CodeChip Colour Name Category Revell Lifecolor Vallejo Tamiya Hobby Color1 Mr. Color2 Model Masters Games WorkshopChip 1 Primer Matt 2 Emerald Gloss 61 970+g H26 66 3 Brunswick green Gloss 62 X5 H6 6 5 Dark ad grey Gloss UA093 992+g H22 13 7 Light buff Gloss 913+g RC061 Dunkelgelb Ausgabe 1944 – Dark Yellow 1944 Variant RAL 7028 - - - HTK-_250 - - - RC062 Dunkelgelb – Dark Yellow (variation) RAL 7028 - - - - - - Download. Name BS / FS / RAL Mr. Hobby (GSI) Tamiya Vallejo Hataka Humbrol Model Master Lifecolor. Testors Colour Enamel Paint Chart The following is the current chart of paints available online. Model Paint Cross Reference Charts This list for paint charts is compiled as a part of the work on Humbrol Paint Converter application for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 Official manufacturers sites; Official conversion charts Details. This is the core modeler’s brand of choice, offering the most complete system of modern and historical paint colors and accessories available today. Rust-Oleum, the parent company of Testors, has decided to cancel all hobby paints. Paint Comparison Chart. The military colors and shades cover wartime vehicles, from tanks to trucks to other armor and weapons. Details. Welcome to Paint4models.com, the home of The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart - the internet’s premiere model paint reference site established in 2006. Unable to find a paint that you used to use? International Military & Figure Enamel Paints. These colors are included in this table with F.C. Download. Sub-Categories for Testors Hobby and Model Paint. Download. Model Master Paint Chart Hot. Model paint comaprison, conversion and historical charts All these model paint comparison and conversion charts use Humbrol paints as the benchmark, so if you want to convert from Heller to Vallejo then you'll have to go via Humbrol. Testors to discontinue Model Master, AZTEK, and Pactra brands Published: Thursday, April 30, 2020 Seeking information about the status of the status of several of Testors long-standing paint lines , we have received the following from Vince Pierri, Senior Manager, PR & Corporate Communications for Rust-Oleum: Acrylic. Misc. Has something been discontinued? So in an effort to help model builders in North America, the chart below provides comparable paints more readily available. Bottles Model Master Military FS Enamel 3 oz. Details. Humbrol number are traditionally referred to in paint instructions of Matchbox, Airfix, Heller, MPM and other contemporary East European manufacturers. Model Paint Conversion Charts. Gunze Sangyo Paint Chart Hot. Click on Color Chart to expand. They will be color matched to the Polly Scale line, but not guaranteed to be exact matches, as the formulations are different. $4.09 $3.19. Lacquer. (Figure Color) comment. How to safely get rid of your old paint without too much harm to the environment, Some quick model painting tips from ModelShade.com, From plastic to phthalocyanine blue, find out what is actually in your paint. Details. Humbrol is one of the oldest model paint brands in Europe. It is the best hobby paint formula in the world for performance. Created Date: This page provides Paint conversion tables for specific paint brands. Welcome to ModelShade, the most comprehensive conversion tool for model paint colors. The matching tool will attempt to find multiple matches for each paint, so alongside official chart matches we also show colors matched using the CIE94 color matching algorithm. Download. It is arguably the best hobby paint … Supplies of all Testors' products will be sold on a first-come basis while supplies last. Testors / Model Master number are traditionally referred to in paint instructions of Italeri. Easily. Want to find the equivalent paint in a different range? Model Master Green Zinc Chromate AN00628 1/2 oz Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint Click on each colour swatch to take you to the corresponding order page. Each match is rated based on how many conversion charts it appears on, combined with the results of our color matching algorithm. model paint : gunze chart: humbrol chart: italeri chart: testor chart: revell color chart: tamiya color chart : search by : orders: cart : francais : model master testor conversion color chart: model master 15 ml enamel paint color testor tamiya humbrol revell gunze r.a.l. Once expanded, click on it again to make it larger or smaller. In late 1990s Humbrol has moved to the much improved Super Enamel range. If you have other paint codes you want to convert from then get in touch and let us know, Follow @ModelShade on Twitter for updates to the paint conversion tool and other model related content, Select a paint manufacturer to convert from, Search for a source paint and see the closest matches across all the paint manufacturers we have data for. While many have a different name than the Revell Germany color, the actual colors have been matched as closely as possible. This list for paint charts is compiled as a part of the work on Its superior color selection and performance makes it the best choice for modelers, gamers, illustrators, artists, educators and historians. Kindly read the disclaimer before using this data. Here is our cross-reference chart for the Tamiya paints.

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