Tell All Your Friends is the debut studio album by American rock band Taking Back Sunday. [5] DeJoseph's final show was in North Carolina,[2] near the hometown of Adam Lazzara. [113] Tell All Your Friends was performed live in its entirety at Bamboozle 2011. Play Advices. The video, directed by Winters,[62] debuted on MTV on November 24. He'd cut parts and sections out of one song he'd be working on and it would eventually end up in a Taking Back Sunday song. [92] As of April 2010, the album has sold over one million copies worldwide. [6] Following this, the group spent the year touring,[9] during which they received offers from labels that ultimately mounted to nothing. Key Variations. The lyrics discuss separation between a guy and a girl. Chords Diagrams. EADGBE. [122] To help promote the tour, a career-spanning compilation Twenty (2019) was released,[123] which included "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)", "You're So Last Summer" and "Timberwolves at New Jersey" from Tell All Your Friends. The members attempted to talk out their problems, but the meeting resulted in Nolan storming out. [2] In February 2001, Taking Back Sunday released a five-track demo[7] The Tell All Your Friends Demo; copies were given to anyone with an association to a record label. He then contacted friends Antonio Longo (of One True Thing) and Steven DeJoseph; Longo suggested John Nolan, who he grew up with, as a second guitarist. Nolan said it "was a really big one for me ... like, 'Wow, I'm not like just struggling to get by right now, we are actually kind of making a living doing this'". All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition. [56][nb 4] The group issued a statement, explaining that "There have been a series of personal events with members of the band ... We need very much to take a step back at this time". [29] Lazzara's original idea for the video had men fighting women, which was rejected by Winters and Victory Records[50] before Lazzara and Winters expanded it in the final version. Cute Without the e (acoustic) - Taking Back Sunday - YouTube [102] Billboard said "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)" "basically helped popularize post-hardcore and emo to the public. In December 2001, the band signed with Victory Records and began recording Tell All Your Friends. [16] Towards the end of tracking around Christmas, Lazzara became sick and lost his voice for two days. [16] Many songs feature Lazzara and Nolan use call-and-response vocals[32] – something that Reyes' prior band Clockwise had done with their members Hanratty and George Fullan. "[98], A CD/DVD version of the album was released in November 2005. "[101] They later ranked it at number 35 on the list of best albums in their lifetime. Cooper felt this began to drive a wedge between their friendship. [35], "Ghost Man on Third" is an emo ballad[35] that focuses on Lazzara's difficulty with mental health, specifically coping with depression at an early age. [72] They headlined the Takeover Tour in March and April, with support from From Autumn to Ashes and Recover. Last updated on 06.13.2012 [2] Mark O'Connell was told from his friend Terry, who worked with Longo at a restaurant, that the band didn't have a drummer. The name of "The Ballad of Sal Villanueva" is a tribute to the album's producer Sal Villanueva. Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. [26] The vocals were reminiscent of Saves the Day[24] and the Canterbury Effect,[27] often switching from singing to screaming. [6][nb 3], The band underwent a short period where they were unsure what to do next,[6] and even briefly considered breaking up. Guitarist Eddie Reyes became a staple of the Long Island, New York hardcore scene, performing in Mind Over Matter, Inside, Clockwise and the Movielife. And the funniest way to do that was to use Flavor Flav. [19], The piano intro to "The Blue Channel", which was initially slow, was sped up to match the tempo of the rest of the song, which was four times faster. In addition, he felt him and Lazzara had grown apart as friends. Punk Goes Acoustic: The Complete Collection (Volume 1, 2, and 3) by Fearless Records. Cute Without the "E" (Cut from the Team) by I ... Tayf10 Acoustic (Live) by Taking Back Sunday. [12] The song was distributed to radio stations on March 12,[47] and Tell All Your Friends was released on March 26. [14] The band arrived without a drum set, presuming that the studio would have one. Version 1 ★4. Cute Without the "E" (Cut trom the Team) 3. [27] Rolling Stone's Gil Kaufman wrote that the album "sidesteps many sad-sack emo pitfalls" with "pop-infused hardcore" and "enlightened, dramatic lyrics" describing "heartache that teeter[s] between despondency and dark vengeance". Though he found them "a bit more rockin'" than the Movielife: "They have cultivated punk, hardcore, emo, and pop and hybridized it better." [8] The first song this line-up had written was "Great Romances of the 20th Century",[12] which the members felt was better than anything they had done before and that it sounded different from other Long Island acts, who were into pop/funk.

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