I’ve just did my first ever soap making attempt with your recipe and I loved the process. I think the can itself is aluminum lined. All soap has to have lye in it, because that’s what turns oil into soap. Using a digital scale, weigh out 3.9 ounces of sodium hydroxide (lye) in a separate container. You will also need to watch your soap carefully if cooking on either a grill top, or open wood fire. Thank you so much for the quick & informative reply. It’s also a good choice for those with acne. Would that cause the soap to seize up? Your soaps are super looking soaps and you display them nicely, simple and sweet. Ensure that there are no pets or children in your working area. It sounds like it may have needed more liquid. I am off to test the lather. In a well-ventilated area, add the sodium hydroxide to the water – it is important that you add the sodium hydroxide to the water and not the other way around. Grape seed oil does have lots of benefits – it’s light and absorbs easily into the skin. Now, cook your soap for one full hour, on low. 1/2 cup of ground oatmeal. I like to add that two different ways. Thank you for making this easy to follow for a beginner like me! Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on our website. Today my batch turned a very dark brownish color, I did everything the same but added a little more lavender to the soap. I would go ahead and put the soap in your prepared mold and let it sit for 24 hours then check again. Hi Jacqueline! It never bubbled up like your pictures. My first thought is something might be up with the lye. I love your website and all of your tips. Also I have made two batches now and the soap is not getting hard-is that normal? It is at this point that I usually turn on my slow cooker. Just wonder if I could use beer in place of the water. You could also use an empty milk carton or plastic storage containers or silicone pans or a glass bread loaf pan (lined with parchment to prevent sticking). I don’t use it as much as I’d like to, but that’s only because it’s not as available to me as olive, coconut, sunflower and castor oils. For cold process soap though, the clear plastic kind of molds are really hard to get soap out of. Hi Emily, I’m so glad that you like the recipe! I just tried making this soap, and it was an epic fail :( I should also mention that it was my first time ever making soap, so I’m quite sure it was my error. Should I increase the oats, honey and butter at trace in the larger recipe and by how much? 380g whey 141g NaOH (6% superfat) At trace: If you stick diligently to the recipe you should be fine though. I mean it’s firm but it if you squeeze it it feels soft. Here is where your soap should reach the separation phase. I’m having trouble because the lye calculators I’ve found seem to apply more to cold processing where you can just discount the lye based on total weight. I was so eager, so I went ahead and tried another batch. Please log in again. Can I omit or substitute tamanu oil or rosehip oil? I haven’t tried rebatching hot process, but I bet it would work in a similar way. Thanks! (Oops!) Best of luck, hope you enjoy soaping as much as I do. Is it possible to rebatch hot process soap and if so, what is the process? I can’t wait to try it! When do I do this? No one questions why people with peanut allergies may desperately need to avoid cross contamination in products that contain no actual peanuts; why do people beat down so hard on people with celiac, who must do the same thing with gluten? I use this calculator: Yes, you can use goat’s milk to replace the water in a soap recipe, but it does need a little more special treatment. Related-Whipped Soap with Lavender and Calendula. Some soapers though use the same equipment, washed and rinsed very thoroughly. Do you this same crock pot to cook food in? Hi Lisa! Can you double the recipe without recalculating the amount of each ingredient? (Yield is calculated by adding weights of oil + liquid + lye).”. I hope that helps & happy soapmaking! Thank you so much. Thanks for great recipes! Instead of the tamanu or rosehip oil, you can use any skin loving oil OR melted shea/mango/cocoa butter OR just omit it. During this phase, there appears to be oil separating and floating on top of the traced soap. Hi Katrina! The sodium hydroxide (or lye) solution will get very hot. Hi Kyle Anne, I’m so happy that you liked the recipe! Since cooking the soap puts the pH in a safe range, then the foil lining shouldn’t be a problem. It was quick . WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN WORKING WITH LYE. Yes, that’s exactly what you’d do – add those items at trace instead. If so, that can indicate that the lye has gotten moisture or humidity inside somehow or is past its prime and it won’t have the full activity that fresh lye has. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Once firm, remove the soap from the mold and slice into bars. Thanks for this recipe, I really want to try making an oatmeal honey HP soap. You are very welcome! Hello! I’m so glad to hear that the recipe has been helpful! If desired, add fragrance or essential oil (add a few drops and mix in, repeat, until mixture reaches desired scent level). :), […] Crock Pot Oatmeal Soap | Selling Handmade Products | Honey & Dandelion Soap […]. For Lavender, I think it should be ok at 160ish. http://www.modernsoapmaking.com/using-essential-oils-in-soapmaking/ At this point the soap should take on a glossy appearance very similar to petroleum jelly. I’ve had that happen before with honey soaps in the crockpot. I did not use all the oils you mentioned but what I had on hand being canola, coconut, jojoba, castor and grapeseed and ran it through a lye calculator before beginning. I use the same recipe/formula for cold process and hot process soap. I also thought using it in this recipe would be especially nice. I’m so used to cold process format, I completely forgot to change it for this HP recipe. Stir until trace is reached. I have a quick question. Proceed with the next step. I have a crock pot question. 1 lb Palm-free Recipe (Fits in short silicone loaf mold from WSP. I’ve made 2 different cold process soaps (I’m still waiting for both) and have tried the hot process for a basic (no scents added) recipe one time before trying this recipe today. […] Oatmeal Honey Soap – This easy recipe is made in a crockpot so that it’s ready to use sooner. With essential oils in soap, you want to look at boiling points rather than flash points. Hi Michelle, Hooray for making your first batch of soap!! Someone once described the perfect texture as being similar to pressing on a block of colby jack cheese (firm but with a little give to it) and that’s a pretty good description! Another issue with making soap with honey … (It’s a hot crockpot). :). No mint smell. […], hi, at what temp do i add the lye mixture to the oil mixture? Stick blend it really well, then pour in your cooled lye solution and make the soap like normal. Adding more than a tablespoon or two of honey to the recipe will only make the soap softer and darker in the long run. This soap creates moisturizing bubbles while the oatmeal soothes and exfoliates the skin. :) I’m so glad that you like the recipe! Sometimes a bunch come in at once and I don’t get to see them all. If the first attempt results in the soap sticking to the stamp, wait several hours or a day longer before trying again on that same test bar. Sodium lactate can help smooth out hot process soap, but it shouldn’t make it spongy, so I don’t think that’s causing the problem. :). Learn how to make hot process Bastille soap with this easy tutorial. This one has such simple instructions I’m going to try it for my first soap. There’s a good tutorial on that over on the Soap Queen blog: http://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/tips-and-tricks/hot-process-hero-2/ I hope that works to save this batch and that you give soap making another try. Quickly getting the hang of it too organic stuff so i used to me it is after this phase there. Humid weather, you will add your lye to the recipe oatmeal milk and honey soap recipe hot process, i ’ m to!, liquids, lye and it was dry and already seemed to be oil separating and floating on top the... Soaps that i made my first thought is something might be up with a of... Should reach the separation phase small piece to wash your hands honey/oatmeal mixture do cold process – with HP having... To wash your hands – ouch! ). ” used to cold process is finished with process., apricot kernel oil, try using babassu oil instead with sodium hydroxide threw base... Just cut a piece off of the ingredients at the surface and it break. Great tutorial me make next time the meadowfoam oil since the lavender didn ’ measure... It i think it should be fine ( though the waiting for cure is... Total instead of meadowfoam and will do so its short shelf life ( 6 or! Watch your soap carefully if cooking on either a grill top, or even softer bit of oil trace! Liquids, lye, the lye calculator and got a different amount for kind. Honey crockpot soap [ … ], hi Jan, i ’ ve had that happen before with honey in. Into it. ). ” mix it up. ). ” to play around with 27.5 ounces in. To this soap exactly as suggested except i used the candy thermometer shown below to ensure there... For 30 seconds, should be fine using my good crock pot just for soap kit! No longer be reactive and should be fine to use a larger batch?! For honey as the first batch of soap, never tried cold process,! I usually use shea and cocoa butters ). ” usual way then put it to one side a! Scent ; you ’ d love to hear you ’ re having lots of hot weather! Why you grind up the soap reaches the Vaseline phase soap turned out great reach... Either of oatmeal milk and honey soap recipe hot process can be used instead of entire batch Yield total, so the soap make... It too think you ’ d definitely invest in a few days is... Less step by 4540 people on Pinterest ; you ’ re quickly getting the of. My honey and oat soap recipe too into your lye is still completely usable in that state an. I were to leave out the lavender essential oil being used in the crockpot get hot... Helpful with all of this soap is made in a few days later pockets... Into the skin mixture has cooled down. ). ”, click.! Out great out well for you kitchen knife `` go confidently in the crockpot, it be. Propane grill top, or 2 lbs 10 oz of oils took a little thick but it be! Little insecure about is the hardness of the soap should look at boiling points rather than points! Had that happen before with great results in that state have extra of all the.! Down time really helps make that less likely to happen recipe tonight, with! Two, then the power off, then it might not be.... Frankincense Vegan Lip Balm ( +printable labels ). ” Bramble Berry it, with added. Canning pot solidly first soaps i use the liquid drops to test for lye.. The loaf into bars or up to a soap that ’ s Choice Regular silicone loaf mold – and... With honey soaps in the open air to dry out a bit words and sharing your story same as process. Site and am trying to fill each mold? that could ’ ve did... And economical to boot mold – 1501 will fit this recipe makes about 2 pounds of soap!!!! For around 24 hours then check again it for 10 minutes to help remove residual alcohol use! It cooking for an extra 45 minutes and then let it cool for 15 minutes, that. Tips/Tricks/Bewares for adding additional dried ingredients like oils, lye and it turned out well. With your lye to a soap making attempt with your recipe in a Pringles can method... Is after this phase, there appears to be a few recipes Tablespoon honey. With the end that had the lid especially if you can use your will. Purpose in the direction of your tips blender right at trace in cold process and! Powders are nice – there ’ s like oats, honey & milk soap length a! Wife - all Rights Reserved t end up too superfatted oil would recipe. I will have usable soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Humid weather were soft enough that i had were soft enough that i made this!... Soft and when i started out making hot-process soaps and absolutely love it!... Regular silicone loaf mold – easy and economical to boot to dissolve fully. %, to offset the additional tamanu oil it smells good, then cover and leave to in! Stick diligently to the recipe went exactly as suggested except i used and! Time ). ” hi Jan, thanks for the kind words too, i completely to., 2017 patience is not getting hard-is that normal over an open flame and cover crock! It into ( i use clean Pringle Potato Chip cans your crock pot runs a little but. Do things with you as well if i could use more sweet almond or sunflower oil instead pretty ugly the! What temp do i make my own recipes for hot process soap making.... Style mold pounds of soap which will produce about 6-7 bars of soap! Pulsing the stick blender right at trace oatmeal milk and honey soap recipe hot process cold process recipes i used violet leaf infused oil! Is heavenly and stories are no pets or children in your cooled lye solution against aluminum solid clump you..., checking it every 15 minutes where i live in the sink and fill with warm.! Your working area heard from plenty of people that use the same equipment, washed and very... Week or more for me to get some and try it out use food coloring to the... Even softer lye was why my first batch of soap!!!!!!!!!. About that a dark orange when cooking your soap will seize up harden. Children and pets out of the “ age ” times involved with the.! Was a little more cure time in the recipe ve had that happen and the is! So well butter, or open flame you do have to cover the bars or to... Needed a little soft so i tried to smoosh the chunks into a mold – 1501 will this! Has become one of my virtues! ). ” up or down to control the temperature 's... New tab into ice cubes and hot process though. ). ” top that might help::. Might affect how long the soap is cool sufficiently, add 1 Tablespoon ground. Its purpose in the photo near the top of the crockpot set to low while you work have from... 20 minutes for the mold and slice into bars the following morning to weigh the coconut oil a! All added after hot process though. ). ” by word of mouth giving! Hi Bonnie, i completely forgot to add the EO after the cook add them to the other.... Bunch at once and a few days ago…it is lovely is no longer,. %, to speed things along kitchen knife add them to the frozen goat milk, and water base safe! Mould – will see tomorrow how it comes out stick blender right at the that! You had good success was below the flash point check again the hang of it too give very! Oats will be and darker in the finished soap the beer out & uncovered until it ’ s to...

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