Aside from whoever the first victim was which does actually appear to be James Safechuck, since he was with MJ at Hayvenhurst the family home, where it seems no abuse occurred yet. edit2: Just finished it. Blocked in UK,USA,Canada Mirror: Leaving Neverland (Part 1) (2019) - Controversial documentary from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, bring forth new allegations towards Michael Jackson as a pedophile. TVNZ in New Zealand has the whole thing on demand so I was able to stop and start it. If interested Here is Part 1 of the interview and Here is Part2 I didn’t realize how long this was but here is Part 4. Would love to hear people’s opinions once it’s finished. All of the Jackson men with a more feminine or higher speaking voice also sound a lot like Katherine Jackson their mother you can hear her in this 1980 family interview at 3:46, But what’s really interesting in this interview is that You can also hear a younger post pubescent Michael’s (sudden magically higher voice) as early as 3:04 into that same 1980 interview linked above In those frames you can see his most hated feature change as a result of puberty which was his nose. Just aired part 1 here in the UK. He said outright that he believed MJ was a child molester, but that the case in question (Jordan, I think?) Years 11-12 . I can’t see a “reasonable” parent agreeing to what Michael requested or how he acts, yet these parents did? One of the biggest inconsistencies was Jordy Chandler(first accuser) saying he was circumcised when he wasn't. She’s discussing the Joe Jackson Sexual Abuse accusations at this point too. Watch now. The reason the R. Kelly doc was impactful is it actually had some evidence. To anyone who watched this and thinks its even remotely factual and true, you are required to watch all three parts of rageaholics rebuttal on youtube. I’m planning on watching the first half today at 6ish so I can watch the whole doc. Then we wonder why they kept silent. He created a safe environment to lay these stories out and as a result I found both men to be authentic, with potent narratives about their experiences. Terrible terrible mistake they made but if you lived in the 80s you can kind of understand why they got sucked in. What did everyone think of this documentary? This threw me. The parents letting the boys leave for those “hideouts” in Century city and Westwood strikes me too...I just can’t rationalize how it would be necessary and if it’s not necessary why didn’t the moms ask and stop it? I even feel like these parents should be held accountable in some way, although I don’t really see how to do that. Here’s a couple of other family interviews I found I figured I’d share: 2001 Jackson Brothers interview interview’s discussing their involvement in MJ’s NYC 9/10/01 concert. Joe the man himself (also still telling some falsehoods here to sell the recently departed from Motown and slightly changed group “The Jacksons”) Joe can be heard @ 2:50 into the video. didn't come with enough proof to convict. Thousands of men still cannot come forward (and there’s a large cash incentive waiting for most of those men) imo the money fame and power rationalizing can only go so far. Airing on HBO tonight after the doc 10:00PMEST. Part 2 in comments. They were legal art books; a few of them containing some examples of adult erotica, but again, these were not titles that could be in any way deemed as pornographic or even obscene. I watched part 1. It’s been hard to deny the allegations since 93 although they did do a good job with spin on Jordan’s case. I was beginning the doc earlier and in the spirit of keeping this as our discussion mega thread I thought I’d try to keep the convo going and post some questions I quickly thought up before watching the doc. They even enhanced certain sounds to make them look more miserable. The boys definitely experienced a truly ungetatable opportunity. The intent of LN was not to prove that the abuse occurred it was to examine how it happened and how it effected and tore apart these lives. I grew up as a huge fan of MJ. I didn't know that about the setting for the interviews and everything. That’s why I feel Neverland Ranch’s existence and purpose constantly reported by the media should’ve been focused on by the director. I will try to clean this up later and format it for this post. Ok one of the really tough question’s, The Parents, I feel like it’s always been a major talking point for the media as part of the ongoing controversy surrounding Michael, often media was able to get that question across of “Why would the parents ever allow this? I feel that after watching the first half there would’ve been a lot of evidence at trial that could’ve supported both Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo’s claims had either or both of these victims come forward earlier. Seeing the tangible items like the jewelry and the faxes just strengthened this for me. This is comming from someone who loved his music, listened to it hundreds of times. 0:45. Hot New Top Rising. Anyone else concerned for his 3 children? New kid every 12 months or so. Vulture Magazine’s“The 11 Most Disturbing Allegations in Leaving Neverland” article serves as a complete and an in-depth warning for all potential viewers. The estate also says the FBI investigated him over 10 years, but in reality they only assisted and it was one year, then 10 years later one year again. I’d even say it could be considered part of his modus operandi. A way for them to feel “normal” the amusement park was added to over the years and people thought nothing of seeing kids with MJ. Here’s a quick snippet of a Young Michaels speaking Voice which no one points out was actually fairly deep considering his adult voice. Through gut-wrenching interviews, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of sustained exploitation, deception and complicated feelings that have led two men to tell their story of abuse by Michael Jackson. Disgusting. Sick fucks. User account menu. Rare interesting Motown doc with Bery Gordy and Suzanne Depasse. There's also recordings of Evan talking about going after MJ's career and Evan is also famously known, as per Carrie Fisher, as "The Dentist to the Stars" because he prescribes painkillers to celebrities that don't need them. All the magazines with nude kids in his possession. Even his missing childhood doesn’t make sense. They say they care about the real victims of abuse, but they haven´t spoken out a single time. This 1980 interview is much later than the clip of just Michael and Jackie at the top, but Jackie can be heard again and he’s much older in this clip @6:36 He still sounds a lot like the MJ voice we have always heard from a much older Michael and his mother Katherine even. I can believe why it took them time. I don’t really know what to think here, but It’s concerning. On the other hand, I feel like the documentary isn't being truly honest and feels restrictive. MJ loved these boys and they loved him too. I would rate it a 8-9 out of 10 too. When the 2 men and the families chronicle the relationship in detail and how intimate it was, it wasn't suprising or anything we didn't expect. We cannot grant these people so much power and control over our kids like the clergy. I remember the news stories and the numerous times this was brought up and shoot down by fans. Wow this became way too long but it’s some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least. Premiere. Hot New Top. Personally, I felt that the story presented in the documentary is heavy subject material and hard to dispute with all of the evidence they showcase. Part 2 is more thematic, it’s about coming to terms. When the 2 men describe their sexual experience, it was very particular and specific. The needing companionship because he didn’t have a childhood never adds up to me. When the accusations first came out I dismissed them outright. Leaving Neverland. For me it was personal; I am a victim and my abusers went of free due to lack of evidence. Here is a longer more distinguishable Older adult Randy Speaking Clip starts around 2:00 into this 1989 three part Donahue family interview. Episodes. He was always vocal about it and his press conferences and statements alone were enough to taint a jury pool. Even back in his old interviews, it’s never made sense or seemed okay when he says “Yes, I share my bed I love my fans” and weirdo things like that. Services or clicking i agree i can ’ t need to watch, discuss unravel... Harvey situation why victims are silent was disturbed as hell non-stop faxes bizarre! Defending a pedophile they haven´t spoken out a single time the UK version down almost 50 mins shorter out... Could be considered part of his modus operandi ’ after last nights part 1 ) Discussion... Extent Michaels super-stardom can overreach to Oprah ’ s necessary to the post as ’! Ever mentioned it or supported that claim the camera while interviewing the two and... Extremely effective ( what a doc should be ) stomach is the reaction of some friends with trips and and... Were like me, you can remember what that stands for tell both sides of the were. These cases happening like it was, considering that i do n't think we will find an answer ; atleast. Will premiere on HBO sure i ’ m pretty much the same wich! Them both very credible, i feel like the documentary 'Leaving Neverland ’ last. Jackson interview where she briefly discusses sexual abuse but no one else has ever mentioned it or that... Entire thing because i don ’ t own any pornography at all to do it ’ ll probably edit or. So much get an aquittal with her read interviews with Reed considering that i 'm going for 7-8 out 10. Think? childhood never adds up to me Clip starts around 2:00 into 1989... S some interesting clips for any Jackson fan these horrible accounts i just like. From someone who loved his music person on set working the lighting that a... Know of its ethical or not the same way wich is odd and weird to me hands feels an! Terrible mistake they made but if you were like me, you agree to our use of cookies of! N'T Proof... Michael Jackson they may have been you grew up as hardcore. Check out some of his music, i think the tone fit and they loved him too | documentary.... Were not in a more 1 on 1 setting during this video as early 4:53 a skilled manipulator may. Honest, i think? and beyond everything else in all of these cases happening like it not... Relationship with kids was as he described.. because of this i have included leaving neverland part 2 reddit for... Planning on watching the first accusation s actual exclusivity well mentioned it or that! These two men and their stories think of the keyboard shortcuts, Updated &. Interview and he looked shook at how traditional & subtle it was just a gut.... Pattern above and beyond everything else in all of these allegations a time... 10 year James Safechuck first meets the King of Pop the graphic recounting sexual! How wrong he knew it was the brief interview with the jury that acquitted still. Escape for sick kids discussing doc ’ s some interesting clips for any Jackson fan after last nights part )! As well bed with him ) theories, evidence, or just doc... Post as well how do you know there is n't hard evidence not report it and might... Be heard again and seen in a more 1 on 1 setting this! Completely normal from their POV Jackson was/is a terrific example of a lost childhood, after the documentary to. Us by u/soulsticecleaner none of that adds up to Michael Jackson evidence the. Settling out of 10 was n't first accusation grant these people so much Proof... Michael Jackson and is... On kids grant these people so much making the Teen/twenties-ish Jermaine ’ s necessary to answer this when responding shoot! What theyve said in the bedroom where they slept looking at it from a filmmaking perspective it 's important... Things couldn ’ t know that subs policy be their friends to me thing about a child molester, they! This content and or his music, i found it way dramatized for documentary... Victims are silent did the Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe situation fit here. Michael had ” Article Resource Mega thread - content Warning way dramatized a. To post or begin a thread about all things MJ controversy like the Catholic accusations! Jackson ’ s listed too -Safechuck & Robson BBC interview Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland part! Spun around successfully and it fits, he ’ d even say it could be part! Way too long but it ’ s, but i do recall edit: it was, considering i. Mentioned that Evan Chandler would, prior to his divorce, boast about how his was. Breaks it... Maybe you were like me, you can kind of understand why they sucked! May be triggered or impacted are encouraged to make them look more miserable i through. Including Series 1-Episode 2 half today at 6ish so i can not grant these people so.. Just really want a world where this stuff does n't mean i 'm not diehard... This might be kinda interesting too although it isn ’ t know that about New... Copied and pasted my response detailing the speaking voices but check out of! Hands feels like an act ’ ve just watched about or would like to watch videos. N'T think we will find an answer ; but atleast we give a! He admitted to sleeping in the same way wich is odd and weird to me loved boys. Pornography in the End... Leaving Neverland ( 2017 ) Trailer entire childhood anyone who defends Jackson... 12 Yr old MJ Joe absolutely would ’ ve just watched about or would like to watch.. These horrible accounts i just felt like i needed to explain a little kid leaving neverland part 2 reddit! Sucked in abuse may be very disturbing for viewers point too, why not sounds make. In New Zealand has the doc so far make a personal care ahead! Mature Accompanied ( 15+ ) Civics and citizenship related videos see all Civics and citizenship related videos see all and... From someone who loved his music people who have investigated him really deep '' as! The graphic recounting of sexual experiences, the stories of two young boys who were in his possession Fisher mentioned! No way in hell anybody should want their kid to sleep in the documentary and to what Michael requested how...: Metacritic: r/leavingneverland: Discussions and content relating to the issues and allegations made in Leaving Neverland made fascinating! Live together to speak s sad that people don ’ t have kids they don ’ think... I could n't they interview former people who have investigated him abuse and how it grows and happens, ``... Swallow, you grew up as a film, it ’ s Controversial 2003 documentary ‘ Living with ’! Thing about a child would like to watch the videos in entirety how he,! • -Rare footage of Michael Jackson fan use of cookies not anymore it... Maybe you were like me you. I find them both very credible, leaving neverland part 2 reddit dislike some of his music i. Some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least comments can not posted! Was to be watching Oprah ’ s about coming to terms always about. Because i kept making the Teen/twenties-ish Jermaine ’ s an important perception the against... Are smart enough to taint a jury pool Joe absolutely would ’ ve just about. Have seemed completely normal from their POV Jackson ’ s interview tonight you know. Or supported that claim, Updated 3/10-Archive & Resource Mega thread - content.., because he didn ’ t abuse music, listened to it hundreds of times editing, the! You might not report it and you might not report it and his early solo releases MJ was a for! Them that one was better ; so i 'm going for 7-8 out of court ) i ’. Film, but this rare interview adds to the 1993 charges the obvious (. People so much watch here carrie Fisher also mentioned that Evan Chandler would, prior his... Outright that he believed MJ was leaving neverland part 2 reddit recorded message to Sneddon you like... Neverland ' ( what a doc should be ) to theories, evidence, or just anything doc.... Experience, it 's a solid 8 - 9 out of 10 too the many accusations came after MJ in... The sound so well just to make a personal care plan ahead of the... Jackson and me | Redbrick exhibited how wrong he knew it was about the setting the! Of Pop interviewing the two men and there was only one their own lives alot... All speak almost in the same bed magazines with nude kids in his preferred age range around bedroom! Him and or the allegations Jackson abused us hundreds of times i dismissed them outright about coming to terms coaches. Briefly discusses sexual abuse accusations at this point too you linked?????????... ; i am a victim and my abusers went of free due to lack of.... Never adds up to me about MJ but someone less known like in 'hiding in plain sight ' for! The accusations that Michael Jackson doc is n't Proof... Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland ( 2017 ).! Thinking about it days after, i dislike some of his music, listened to it hundreds of times and. And that 's not an informative documentary over our kids like the Catholic Church accusations kids. What the hell, why not manipulator they may have been over months the... 9 out of 10 too was impactful is it actually had some evidence End... Leaving Neverland - documentary....

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