[Eason, 119] The energies of Spessartine vibrate at a high rate, imparting a willingness to help others and strengthening the heart. It has remarkable color saturation for a peridot, with minimal brown secondary tones. Spessartite is ideochromatic, which means its color is owed to an important element in its composition (manganese). Spessartite is synonymous with Spessartine, though in the gem trade spessartite is more frequently used and in the mineral trade the name spessartine is more frequently used. Though spessartite is not really plentiful, it currently has reasonable availability, though mining experts warn this is likely to be temporary. The asscher cut is actually quite an old style, dating from 1902. Go to previous slide - Shop by Country of Origin. The name, "spessartine" comes from the Bavarian word, "Spessart", meaning "forest", which is a mountain range in Germany where spessartine garnet deposits were found in the 1880s. From shop GemBeads2012. It was actually used long before that, however, by the Egyptians to honor their goddess of war, Sekhmet. “Mandarin garnet” has been used as a trade name for vivid orange spessartite garnets from Namibia as well as a trade name for all spessartite garnets that possess that color. © 2005-2021 GemSelect.com all rights reserved. See more. Used in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and in Rome, spessartite garnets were a sign of authority and status. Mandarin garnet is unequivocally orange, but its exact definition can vary. It will make you grab the greatest success in … Garnet is the name for a group of related mineral species. Spessartite is manganese aluminum silicate by composition, and it is manganese that is responsible for the distinctive orange color. Originally, “spessartite” was the favored usage in the United Kingdom, while “spessartine” was more popular in the United States. United States. It is a gemstone that releases your original capability of 100%. Spessartite garnets typically have many inclusions, but there are always exceptions. ET, USA. Spessartites, like most other garnets, are valued for their protective energies and healing power. The software behind the GemSelect experience is very user friendly! Top colors are rarely found in large sizes, so this 5.88-carat apple-green Burmese peridot is quite unusual. Keep up with our new arrivals before they hit the newsletter by joining our thousands of fans and followers on our social networking pages. Principal localities include Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil, Madagascar. Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size, We ship natural gems to you in Kazakhstan, Buy Natural Spessartite Garnet Gemstones from GemSelect, Spessartite Garnet Gemological Properties, August 2010 Newsletter: African Spessartite Garnet, August 2012 Newsletter: India's Gemstone History, August 2013 Newsletter: Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Trading Center, August 2009 Newsletter: The Green Garnets, November 2009 Newsletter: Color-Change Gemstones, February 2011 Newsletter: Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania, May 2011 Newsletter: Demantoid Garnet from Namibia, February 2013 Newsletter: Malaya Garnet Popularity, June 2018 Newsletter - 50 Years of Tantalizing Tanzanite, GemSelect January 2019 Newsletter: Happy New Year, Mn3Al2(SiO4)3 Manganese aluminum silicate, Cubic; rhombic dodecahedron, icositetrahedron. As a member of the garnet family, spessartite is related to the other garnets, such as andradoid garnets (melanite, demantoid and topazolite), almandine garnets, pyrope garnets (rhodolite), grossularite garnets (hydrogrossular, hessonite, leuco garnet and tsavorite) and uvarovite. This has perfect cutting and polish along with flawless clarity, so it's the best of all worlds! The first deposit, found in the early 90's last century was near the Kunene River in Namibia, later discoveries in Nigeria and Tanzania made this gemstones more popular and available in the market. Colored stones vary in size-to-weight ratio. Like all garnet varieties, spessartite garnet is perfectly suitable for all types of jewelry; including daily-wear spessartite garnet rings. (2012). Proper care for spessartite garnets includes protecting them from hard blows, which could damage them. Pure orange is the most valued spessartite color. or Best Offer. SPESSARTITE GARNET: PRICES FOR INFORMATION: OVAL : SIZE (mm) Price / CT. Poor: Price / CT. Fair: Price / CT. Good: Price / CT. Spessartite garnet has a good level of brilliance and an attractive vitreous luster, so when set with white or yellow precious metals, the results can be fantastic. Found combined with almandine, it ranges in colour from pale orange yellow, when nearly pure, to orange or deep red, when appreciable proportions of almandine are present. 1-800-464-1640 except for round stones which are; I liked the photos which helps make the decisions, the shipping rate, and the ease of the process. Spessartite (or spessartine) garnet was first discovered in the 1830s in the Spessart Mountains of Bavaria. The purplish pyrope-almandine mixture is called rhodolite. +66-39303404, Save Money - No shipping Fees for Additional Items! Spessartine, previously called spessartite, is one of the most rare forms of garnet. Country of origin is an opinion offered by the seller of this item. Not to be confused with the rock spessartite. In fact, Noah's Ark is said to have had a garnet lantern to help navigate during the night. 1-800-464-1640 Happy Gem Hunting! However, the quickest way to identify garnet is with the use of strong neodymium magnets. Translucent spessartite garnet is commonly cut en cabochon, while high-quality transparent material is cut in a variety of faceted shapes. It is similar in colour to grossular, but, Master lapidarist, Buzz Gray and jewelry designer, Bernadine Johnston have created a series of gemstone butterfly brooches that are exhibited in LA's Natural History Museum. Legendary Uses and Meaning of Garnet . The colors of peridot range from yellow-green to olive-green. Spessartite garnet can be identified by its orange color. It occurs most often in skarns, granite pegmatite and allied rock types, and in certain low grade metamorphic phyllites.Spessartine of an orange-yellow is found in Madagascar.

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